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Taking your dog to any of these dog-friendly parks in the  NYC area will definitely be fun as well a good bonding experience for you and your pup.

1. Highland Park and Ridgewood Reservoir

Dog Friendly parks in NYC NYC Highland Park

Ridgewood Reservoir

The best thing about this park is that once you get deep inside you no longer feel like you are in the city. This is a great place to de-stress while hanging out with your dog. This park is one of the best dog-friendly parks in the entire NYC area.
This beautiful nature preserve has a parking lot as well as many subways that are within walking distance.
It sits on the Brooklyn-Queens border and you can easily spend a few hours exploring the park and walking around the reservoir. On leash dogs are welcome here. Your dog will get to experience all kinds of interesting sites and sounds, as well as getting plenty of mental stimulation.
This past week, I saw Italian wall lizards, a turtle, rabbits, blue herons, and yellow warblers. These are just a few of the many wild creatures you will get to experience by hiking around this park.
When you are walking around the reservoir you are at the height of tree canopy, and the air feels so much cleaner. Once you start walking around the perimeter you get to a gate that usually opens at 9 am, you can walk through the middle area which is where I frequently see the most wildlife.

Dog Friendly parks in NYC Highland Park

Highland Park


If you continue around the perimeter of the reservoir there is a water fountain with a drinking bowl for dogs. This is especially helpful so you don’t’ have to worry about packing water for your dog. 

Dog Friendly parks in NYC Highland Park

Highland Park.

Whenever I talk to people up at the reservoir the first thing they say is “how did I not know this place existed?”.
What to bring  
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 This is the exact collapsible water bowl that I use, I hook it onto my pants or bag.
-lunch (for yourself)
2. Coney Island/Brighton Beach (off season)
The beaches allow dogs from October 2nd to April 30th. I love coming here and walking along the ocean while my dogs run and play beside me.
There is nothing better than getting to listen to the crashing waves while your dog is having the time of their life.

Dog Friendly parks in NYC

Coney Island

Make sure your dog has a good recall before letting them off the leash. If you’ve read Pat Millers “The Power of Positive Dog Training” then you should already have the basics down.
If your dog likes to play fetch, the sand is the perfect place. The remodeled boardwalk is also, a great place to walk your dog. The city used recycled plastic lumber to construct a pier that goes all the way out into the ocean, has plenty of seats, and overlooks the Luna park Ferris wheel. Using this recycled plastic lumbar saved some 6,000 acres of tropical rainforest.

Dog Friendly parks in NYC Coney Island.

Coney Island Boardwalk

What to bring
3. Larchmont Doggie Beach
Check the tide before coming here and make sure you are arriving when it is low tide. It’s about an hours drive from the city, and one of the only true dog beaches in and around NYC. There is no parking lot so you can park in the neighborhood and walk a few blocks over to the dog beach.


Dog Friendly parks in NYC

Larchmont Doggie Beach

A fence divides the dog section of the beach from the country club which is right next door. The beach itself is not the prettiest but believe me the dogs don’t care. They are there to run and play in the water.
The beach itself is not fenced in, but there are always so many dogs here having so much fun that your dog will naturally want to stick around.

Your dog should have a fairly good recall before coming here. Like I mentioned up above if you’ve read “The Power of Positive Dog Training” by Pat Miller then you and your dog should have the basics down.  

Dog Friendly parks in NYC Larchmont doggie beach

Larchmont Doggie Beach

I recently read that some dog owners got a ticket for having their dogs off leash here. This has not happened to me, nor have I seen or heard of this in person, but use caution.
What to bring
-lunch (for yourself)
-beach chair (for yourself)
4. Hillside Dog Park and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Hillside is one of my favorite dog-friendly parks in NYC and you will see why it made this list of 5 dog-friendly day trips for NYC. It sits on about 2 acres of varied terrain, has rolling hills, plenty of shade, benches, and water fountains. This park is made up of dirt, grass, and wood chips. Try to avoid coming here if it has rained in the past day unless you don’t mind having your dog covered in mud. There are always so many dogs here, no matter what time of day that you come.

Dog Friendly parks in NYC

Hillside Dog Park

If your dog likes to play chase then this is the park for you. This park is an excellent place to socialize and exercise your pup.
Be careful if your dog is under 10 lbs they might be able to slip out at one of the gates.
This park did such a good job of keeping the natural terrain that if it weren’t for the tall buildings surrounding the park, you and your dog would forget that you are in the middle of NYC.


Dog Friendly parks in NYC Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

The biggest perk is that it is a few blocks away from the boardwalk. First stop at the dog park so your dog can get some energy out, then after you can take a leisurely walk along the Brooklyn Heights Boardwalk. This tourist destination sits on the East River and offers views of the entire Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. There are many food options here, (Ample Hill Ice Cream) especially in the summer.
What to bring
5. Washington Square Park and Dog Run
Washington Square Park has been around since the 1800’s, and every dog should have a chance to play at the dog park here. No matter what time of day or night you come there will always be a few dogs here. It is a big enough to play fetch, if that’s what your dog likes.


Dog Friendly parks in NYC Washington Square

Washington Square Dog Park


You can get into the dog run on W 4th or there is a 2nd entrance from within the park near the bathrooms. There are plenty of seats, shaded areas, and a fountain. This park has gravel on the ground and is usually kept clean.


Dog Friendly parks in NYC Washington Square 2

Washington Square Dog Park

After your dog gets all of their energy out, you can pick up Mamoun’s  walk back to the park, find a bench and relax or perhaps play a game of chess.
What to bring