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This 2017 gift guide for dogs is a great resource for anyone on your list that lives with a dog.


Do you have someone on your list that is an animal lover or lives with dogs? This gift guide for dogs will provide you with unique gift solutions for anyone on your list that lives with dogs or is just an all-around animal lover.

Everything on this list is used by us here at Wolfie’s Place.


**Some of these are affiliate links, they can help keep this site running**

  1. Handmade climbing rope leash from Just Pet Products (Happy Pup Happy Life) This is my favorite, go-to leash whenever I am heading out to walk my dogs. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. 50% of their proceeds go to no-kill animal shelters. Use discount code WP15 at checkout to receive 15% off of your order. https://www.justpetproducts.com/collections/climbing-rope-leashes 

gift guide for dogs

Gift guide for dogs

2. Waterproof memory foam dog bed with a washable zip off denim cover by Dog Beds 4 Less I have been using dog beds from this company for the last 6 years. The reason why I love them so much is simple. They have a cover that zips off and can be washed as well as a second waterproof cover that lines the memory foam. The main problem with most dog beds is that the bed itself starts to stink, but not this one. The design is simple, which is what I like about it. I usually cover mine with a sheet as well, which helps prolong the life of the denim zippered cover, which is shown in the photo below.

gift guide for dogs

Anja, is lying on the medium dog bed and she weighs 65 lbs.

Gift guide for dogs laguna bed

Laguna is sitting on the medium bed as well, she weighs 40 lbs.


3.  Elk Antlers for dogs. I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love antlers. Elk shed their antlers twice a year and these sheds make a perfect chew toy for dogs. The reasons why I love antlers are: they don’t have a smell like bones do, they last a long time, and they don’t splinter.

gift guide for dogs

Sherlock does not like to chew on anything except for antlers.


gift guide for dogs

4. Raised dog feeder is the fourth item on our gift guide for dogs. There are many different styles of raised feeders to look at on Amazon. I usually wind up having to replace mine every few years because the wood doesn’t hold up. Raised bowl feeders place less strain on your dog’s neck, shoulder, and joints. Your dog can eat and drink more comfortably without straining their neck to eat off of the floor.


5.  Embark dog DNA test. This is fun for every dog owner and since they are a bit expensive it makes a great gift. It doesn’t matter whether you have a purebred dog or a mix. There is FB group where people discuss the results too. Some people who think their dog is only one breed find out otherwise. Embark also tests for wolf, hybrids, coyote, dingos, and village dogs. Embark tests for over 160 genetic health risks too.

This gift guide for dogs was created by us here at Wolfie’s Place. We have three dogs of our own and a revolving cast of dog friends who visit us each week.